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Oksig Ltd. is a company with objective to provide integrated of Study, Construction and Project Management Consulting Services in various sectors of the market, with head office in Nicosia, Cyprus. The company has over of 60 years of experience, from executives with considerable experience, scientific expertise and specialization in the field of the study, construction and Project Management.

Oksig offers a wide range of study, construction and Project Management services that meet the needs of industries like Construction and Real Estate, Information Technology Systems and Internet, Telecommunications, Energy, Product Development, Banks and Public Sector etc.


With over of 60 years in experience, Oksig team has studied a lot of major private and public works.


With its own mechanical equipment and a team of specialized engineers, OKSIG manufactures large public and private projects in Greece and Cyprus.


With its extensive experience in the study and construction of large public and private projects, the OKSIG team is the ultimate project management consultant.

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